January 26, 2023

Introduction to deployment patterns

Introduction to deployment patterns
January 24, 2023

Create a multistage pipeline by using Azure Pipelines

Design and create a realistic release pipeline that promotes changes to various testing and staging environments.
January 11, 2023

How I deploy my Azure Lab Environments

A recent topic of conversation with colleagues, friends in the technical community, and customers I work with, has been how I manage and deploy lab environments. […]
December 21, 2022

Introducing – Single Region Azure BaseLab V2

As you may know, I maintain a range of Terraform environments for Azure, which can be used for Demos, Labs, Learning and Testing. These are maintained […]
November 10, 2022

Building and deploying to an AKS cluster using Terraform and Azure DevOps with Kubernetes and Helm providers

I have a few blogs now on deploying Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) with different scenarios, such as deploying AKS with Application Gateway Ingress, in this blog […]
September 10, 2022

Programmatically Generate Cloud Resource Names – Part 2

This is the part 2 of the 2-part series on Programmatically Generate Cloud Resource Names. If you haven’t read the Part 1, make sure you read […]