October 3, 2022

Register to participate in the Microsoft Ignite conference, complete the Cloud Skills Challenge to…

If you are interested in Microsoft certification exams, such as Azure cloud certification exams, now there is an opportunity to take these… Continue reading on Medium […]
October 1, 2022

Analyzing attacks using the Exchange vulnerabilities CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082

Microsoft is aware of limited targeted attacks using two reported zero-day vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Exchange Server 2016, and Exchange Server 2019. The first […]
September 30, 2022

ZINC weaponizing open-source software

In recent months, Microsoft has detected a wide range of social engineering campaigns using weaponized legitimate open-source software by an actor we track as ZINC. Microsoft […]
September 26, 2022

Revisiting UDR improvements for Private Endpoints

Hello folks! It’s been a busy past few months. I’ve been neck deep in summer activities, customer work, and building some learning labs for the wider […]
September 14, 2022

Everything you need to know to develop cloud-native apps with Microsoft Azure Cloud!

If you’re developing your cloud-native applications, I highly recommend you check out this Application Architecture Guide from Azure… Continue reading on Level Up Coding »
September 3, 2022

Create a PostgreSQL single server read replica in Azure using Terraform

Deploying PostgreSQL single server in Terraform and wanting to create a read replica? In this blog post I will show you how, it is rather straight-forward […]
September 1, 2022

Protected: Evaluating Azure Ampere Altra Based VM’s versus AMD and Intel Offerings

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September 1, 2022

Vulnerability in TikTok Android app could lead to one-click account hijacking

Microsoft discovered a high-severity vulnerability in the TikTok Android application, which could have allowed attackers to compromise users’ accounts with a single click. The vulnerability, which […]
September 1, 2022

azure application gateway data for certificate is invalid error fix

A quick blog post to show a fix for when you get the error data for certificate is invalid error when applying backend settings within Azure […]
August 20, 2022

Uncovering a ChromeOS remote memory corruption vulnerability

Microsoft discovered a memory corruption vulnerability in a ChromeOS component that can be triggered remotely, allowing attackers to perform either a denial-of-service (DoS) or, in extreme […]
August 5, 2022

A good starting point to learn Azure industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions

If you are interested in Azure Cloud, IoT, digital twins or industrial metaverse, I highly recommend you check out this comprehensive… Continue reading on Medium »
July 26, 2022

Using variables to dynamically check out a repository using a specific branch or tag in Azure DevOps Pipelines

In Azure DevOps pipeline, you might want to check out a repository using a specific branch or tag, in this blog post – I am going […]